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Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

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Wired for Flexibility.

Auscon specializes in custom cable & wire harness assembly for OEM applications where off-the-shelf cables simply aren't an option. With automated, semi-automated, and hand tooling capabilities, we have the flexibility to build to your unique specifications with precision and cost-efficiency.

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Equipment & Tooling

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Agriculture  •  Transportation  •  Industrial Equipment  •  Appliances  •  lighting  •  Data & Communications  •  Sporting Goods
•  Agriculture 
•  Transportation 
•  Industrial Equipment   
•  Appliances 
•  lighting 
•  Data & Communications 
•  Sporting Goods

Assembled for Durability

We take pride building to your precise design specifications and industry standards, including IPC, UL and RoHS compliance. Auscon has the ability to work with a a wide variety of materials, including nylon, PVC and copper / plated copper. We also assemble cable & wire harnesses for harsh environmental requirements such as:

  • Waterproofing
  • Vibration / abrasion resistance
  • High or low temperatures
  • Chemical / dirt / oil / exhaust protection
  • UV light


Auscon Harsh Environments
Auscon Cable Processes



  • Cutting, stripping & terminating
  • Soldering
  • Tinning
  • Multi-faceted terminal application
  • Wire marking / labeling
  • Sleeving & tie-wrapping
  • Heat-shrink tubing & hand braiding
  • Continuity & functional testing
Auscon Cable Technologies



  • RF / EMI
  • Data
  • Power
  • Coaxial 
  • Flat ribbon
  • Simple signal wires
  • Complex layouts
  • Breakouts
Auscon Cable Types


Cable Types

  • Wire-to-wire
  • Connector-to-board
  • Flexible or rigid
  • Simple twisted pair
  • Multi-conductor interface
  • SMA / BNC
  • Shielded
  • Insulated


Auscon Cable Connectors



  • Lugs, rings, crimp pins, sockets, terminals, connector housings 
  • Multi-pin: TE/AMP Connectivity, Molex, Deutsch
  • Latches for locking connections

Supply Chain Solutions

Auscon offers partial turnkey, full turnkey and kitted / consigned cable & wire harness assembly services. We also have a strong network of reliable, local and national suppliers to help you source alternative parts in case of supply chain issues, design updates or other procurement support needs.


Design Engineering

At Auscon, all cable & wire harness designs go through a thorough manufacturing review to check for potential issues that could result in field failures. We also identify any parts or materials that could be sourced more affordably and help find replacements for items impacted by supply chain issues. Early in the design process, we also offer engineering consulting for new designs and prototypes.


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From Assembly Floor to Your Doorstep.

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Cables can be expensive to ship. Auscon offers options for hand-delivery of your assembly order, direct from our facility to yours. We can often help you save on shipping costs compared to freight services. Contact us to find out if your delivery location is eligible.


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